iLead Law & Leadership Conference

Is a one-day workshop focusing on law and leadership skills with high school students.

This program is FREE to all students, with public transportation passes available to students who express a need. Housing is NOT provided.

Houston, TX: February 19, 2024

Richmond, VA: April 10, 2024

Nashville, TN: October 25, 2024

Seattle, WA: August 12 – 14, 2024

Student Registration

Supreme Court Day

Is an annual event that takes selected Scholars to the United States Supreme Court for a tour and the opportunity to meet a Supreme Court Justice.

Courtroom in the Classroom

Are monthly classroom visits that provide Scholars with an opportunity to assimilate a mock trial, from inception to verdict, and all legal preparation; discourse, and final decision making.

Judicial Jumpstart

Is a one-day program that provides Middle and High school students an opportunity to join JTB for a day in Federal Court where they witness a live court proceeding and discover all the duties of a U.S. Marshal!