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As summer begins, so does this year's Summer Judicial Internship Diversity Project. The SJID Project is an annual partnership between the Judicial Conference’s Committee on Judicial Resources and Just The Beginning.

The goal is to provide highly qualified law students from underrepresented backgrounds in the legal profession with summer judicial internships in the chambers of federal and state appellate judges, federal district judges, and federal bankruptcy and magistrate judges. This goal aligns with the Strategic Plan's core value of "Diversity and Respect" by providing an opportunity to law students to intern in chambers and reflect the diversity of the public that the judiciary serves.

Over the summer, our SJID Interns have the opportunity to draft bench memoranda, judicial orders, and opinions on various substantive matters, including motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, magistrate judge reports, and habeas corpus petitions.

This year, we placed 113 interns in the chambers of 99 federal judges. The SJID Project remains an invaluable component of JTB’s programming, and we are so grateful to all of our participating judges and so proud of our incredible interns!

iLead Law & Leadership Conference

April 10, 2024

Richmond, Virginia

Just the Beginning - A Pipeline Organization recently completed its first iLead Law and Leadership Conference in Richmond, Virginia! This one-day program focuses on law and leadership skills for high school students.

We were thrilled to host 58 exceptional and vibrant students who engaged in discussions on how regular people can ignite change and emerge as genuine leaders in their communities. They delved into crafting impactful social justice campaigns, complete with presentations and visual aids, and gained invaluable insights from experienced legal professionals representing a spectrum of backgrounds. The atmosphere was charged with energy and inspiration throughout the entire experience!

A special thank you to University of Richmond School of Law for hosting us and allowing our Scholars the opportunity to experience a law school setting.

Thank you to the Richmond Steering Committee for your time and dedication to the recruitment of students, attorney volunteers, sponsorship, and coordination.

To the volunteers, thank you for dedicating your time and resources to make this program possible. You are illuminating the path to the legal field.

To our supporters - these learning experiences would not be possible if not for our partners and sponsors. Your commitment to our programming and to diversity in the legal field enables us to continue this critical work.

Richmond Steering Committee

Hon. Roger L. Gregory
Hon. M. Hannah Lauck
Hon. Roderick C. Young
Justice Cleo Powell
Hon. Doris H. Causey
Hon. Clarence “C.N.” Jenkins, Jr.
Hon. Tracy Thorne-Begland
Hon. David M. Hicks
Hon. Stacy Lee, Henrico
Kimberly “Kim” F. Smith
Robert “Rob” J. Wagner, Esq.
Jacquelyn E. Stone, Esq.
J. Tracy Walker
Godfrey T. Pinn, Jr., Esq.
Jimmy F. Robinson, Jr.
Carlos L. Hopkins.
Karen L. Cohen
Douglas S. Granger
Rudene Mercer Haynes
Gregory R. Bishop
Courtney M. Malveaux
Terrence L. Graves
Faith Alejandro
Brian Jackson
Ashley L. Taylor, Jr.
Brooks M. Smith
Carlos M. Brown
Annie C. Larson
Gina Burgin
Connelia Savage
Thomas Hall
Colette McEachin
Demetria Dailey
Stacy Lee
Rudene Mercer Haynes

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iLead Law & Leadership Conference

The iLead Law & Leadership Conference is a workshop focusing on law and leadership skills for high school students. During the workshop, students will work with judges, lawyers, and leaders in the legal community who are committed to supporting their academic growth and legal career aspirations. Lunch, prizes, and program material provided!

Seattle, WA

August 12-14, 2024

Nashville, TN

October 25, 2024

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Summer Legal Institute

The Summer Legal Institute is a fun, educational, and interactive program that allows students to spend five days involved in legal experiences that will bring them to a law school, law firms, and local courts in each of the four program cities! This program is 100% free and open to students all across the country.

San Diego, CA

June 24 - 28, 2024

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Washington, D.C.

July 8 - 12, 2024

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Chicago, IL

July 22 - 26, 2024

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ConnectED is a fun and educational virtual program designed to light a spark of interest in the legal field for high school students. Students will hear the stories of federal judges and their journey to the judiciary, interact with attorneys, learn about different practice areas, and build practical career building skills.

This program will run from August 5 - August 8th, 2024.

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