If you are interested in bringing a JTB Scholar Program to your city, please note that our requirements for adding a new JTB Scholar Site include:


  • 18-24 months to develop partnership, program support and funding strategy
  • A Steering Committee or an Anchor Partner committed to the following:
    • Fundraising: Our JTB Scholar Program costs approximately $25,000 – $30,000 in year one, and $35,000 in year two (see attached budget). This is approximately $750/student based on 40 students per Summer Legal Institute. JTB can provide fundraising materials, including sponsorship levels and benefits.
    • Partnership: In addition to fundraising, we ask our local partners to assist us with the following:
      • Recruiting: identifying schools and students who would be interested in the program
      • Hosting: identifying potential partners who would host and make in-kind donations
      • Volunteering: identifying potential volunteers for our program
  • If a location elects to spin a JTB Scholar Program off at any time after the first year, we offer two options:
    • JTB Scholar Partners: For a reduced fee of $10,000, we will provide:
      • Curriculum and evaluation materials;
      • A one-day training on those materials in the spring with the understanding that the local partners will be responsible for executing the program;
      • A one-day leadership institute in the fall for SLI graduates.
      • Recognition on the JTB website as a “JTB Partner Program”
      • Recognition of participating students as “JTB Scholars” with access to our alumni network and programming
    • JTB Scholar Affiliates: For a one-time fee of $2,500, we will provide:
      • A license to the original curriculum material
      • Recognition on the JTB website as a JTB Affiliate Program

Volunteer With JTB

We welcome support for our JTB Scholar and Leader Programs. Sponsorship levels and benefits are attached and can be located on our website. Sponsors can designate funds for a specific program, a specific city/cities, or provide general support for JTB.


How to sponsor the JTB National Conference

The 2020 conference will be held on September 16-20th, in Chicago, Illinois. Sponsorship levels for our 2020 Conference will be available in 2019.