School Year Programs


JTB offers free school-year programming that expands general school curriculums to provide holistic professional and individual training. JTB offers three programs during the school year. If you are interested, please contact JTB’s Program Director, Krystle McNeely at to schedule a visit or gain more information.  To see some of our 2016-2017 program highlights, CLICK HERE.

Option 1: Classroom Curriculum Enhancement

The JTB Program Director will visit your classroom or school (including school assemblies and career days) and expand on the law-related unit that is currently being taught. Topics may include the Constitution, civic duties, legal reasoning, negotiations, debate, or other issues tailored to your needs. The length of the Classroom Curriculum Enhancement is typically 1-3 hours.

Option 2: One-Day Law & Leadership Training

The JTB Program Director will visit your school/classroom and teach students the elements of leadership in their schools, communities, and professional careers. Students will participate in a full-day leadership workshop that will include a fun and interactive legal negotiation exercise and various communication activities. The purpose of the training is to teach students how to formulate ideas and communicate their needs in an effective and productive way. The length of the One-Day Law & Leadership Training is typically 6-8 hours.

Option 3: Personal Branding & Goal Training

Through this program, students will learn what it means to have a personal brand. The JTB Program Director will teach a unit about the importance of networking, mentorship, and personal branding. Students will participate in an interactive activity where they will develop their own elevator speeches and practice their networking skills. The length of the Personal Branding & Goal Training is typically 1.5 hours.

*All options may be altered and personalized for the needs of the specific school and or classroom.