For over two decades, the Report on the Integration of the Federal Judiciary has charted the appointment and elevation of minority lawyers to the federal bench.  JTB-APO, in partnership with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, tracks and publishes this report on an annual basis. The data reflects the ongoing need to compile statistics on the appointment of judges of color to the federal bench.

The Report on the Integration of the Federal Judiciary provides an in-depth listing of minority judges who serve in Article III courts.  Currently, there are 1,350 active and senior status judges, of which only 271 are judges of color, of which four identify as bi-racial.  There are two First Nation Members (formerly known as Native Americans), 149 African-Americans, 96 Hispanic/Latinos, 29 Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander serving in Article III judgeships. Judges who identify with more than one racial or ethnic group are counted in these groups.  There are also 11 active Article III judges who are openly LGBT.

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